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Food Futures:

Measure, Record & Validate DLT technology towards sustainable food consumption

Recent Milestones

September 1, 2023

Won Sitra Lab Web 3.0 Grant and presented at Gala

FF was among the 7 out of 29 teams that were selected for the Sitra Lab programme to explore the opportunities of the blockchain-driven Web 3.0.

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March 23, 2024

Won Sparkle Activity Grant by University of Helsinki

FF was among the 12 out of 46 applicants that won the Sparkle grant. FF proposed to translate the application into Finnish language.

August 3, 2023

Press release: Blockchain-based app provides information about food impact

March, 2023

Food Futures Project MOOC Report: Measure, Record and Validate DLT Technology for Sustainable Food Consumption

April 4, 2023

MOOC Book published

December, 2022

MA Thesis: Food Wellbeing and suffering index for sustainable food consumption

November 10, 2022

Video Contest – International Weeks Commons

March, 2023

Completion of the ‘Sustainable Consumption’ MOOC 3

Our vision:

Net Zero Food System
Eight billion people live on Earth, and eat to stay alive. Agriculture accounts for up to 14% of greenhouse gas emissions. This area of human activity is relatively easy to make more sustainable compared to energy consumption in industry, heating, and transportation. Food Futures supports more sustainable meal choices by transforming intention into action.

Issuing Foodprint tokens

We implement a DLT system that brings digital transparency into consumers’ choices at that crucial point between the farm and the fork. Our blockchain technology provides a Measure of sustainability impact, a Record of individual and community choices, and a Validation of sustainable consumption.

Food Futures app: to Measure, Record & Validate sustainable meal choices

Collaboration with the biggest student cafeteria chain in Finland: UniCafe

We’ve been partnering with Unicafe since March 2022, and share the aim of greenhouse gas abatement. Unicafe strives to serve meals with 0.5 kg of CO2e emissions, or less. We complement their goal with the Food Futures app that displays the sustainability impact of meal options at Unicafe venues.

Our business model: Gigacorn

A gigacorn is a company that sequesters or lowers greenhouse gas emissions a gigatonne/year, and is commercially viable. Food Futures Net Zero is positioned to take a step toward lowering emissions counted in metric tonnes. Each 500 beef burgers converted into 500 plant-protein burgers achieves roughly 1 metric tonne of CO2e reduction.

Our Partners

Core Team

SM Amadae

Program Director
Global Politics and Communications, Politics
University of Helsinki

Aalto University
Department of Communications and Networking

Shreya Sood

Service Designer
Food Futures research at ATARCA

Alumni, MA Creative Sustainability
Aalto University

Ruta Jumite

MA Thesis worker, ATARCA
Thesis title: Food Wellbeing and Sustainability Index – Application of actionable communication tool for sustainable transitions

Sini Valmari

PhD candidate,
Information Systems,
Aalto University School of Business

Tejas Kotha

PhD candidate,
Information Systems,
Aalto University School of Business

Matti Rossi

Information Systems,
Aalto University School of Business

Jarmo Suoranta


Aleksi Lindblad

IT Development, TX

András Rátonyi

Web Developer


Heikki Hämmäinen

Professor Emeritus,
Communications and Networking,
Aalto University School of Engeneering

Riina Koivuranta

Senior specialist,
Sustainability and responsibility,
University of Helsinki

Xavier Irz

Department of Economics and Management Agricultural Economics. Doctoral supervisor, Sus­tain­able Use of Re­new­able Nat­ural Re­sources

Matthew Schutte

Senior specialist,
Holochain Business Development